Acriva<sup>UD</sup> Reviol Tri-ED 611

AcrivaUD Reviol Tri-ED 611

  • Trifocal + Enhanced Depth of Focus
  • Photoprotection
  • Plate
  • 11 mm

Seamless Continuous Vision

Our new approach to diffractive trifocal technology brings seamless continous vision to the presbyopia treatment in cataract surgery. Reviol Tri-ED* is the Trifocal Optic combined with Enhanced Depth of Focus vision. Innovative zone establishment displays excellent MTF values even between the intermediate zones. Reviol Tri-ED* showed superior MTF results according to comparative analyses against to current trifocal IOLs1. The more resolution is the happier patient is. 

MTF, Modular Transfer Function, is the measurement of an optical system refers the amount of contrast which is passed through optic in determined spatial frequency. Defining the criteria of “Good” the optical system has been determined by The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 11979-22. MTF test results of Reviol Tri-ED* will bring seamless continuous vision to the patient.    

Maximum Light Transfer

The reliable performance of Reviol’s Active-Diffractive optic has been proven in over forty countries with thousands of implantations. Reviol Tri-ED* optic provides maximum light transmission to the retina with excellent light distribution.  Effective light transmittance reaches up to 89.1% on average. 

Diffractive multifocal IOLs separate light into near to distance by creating a phase difference. Reviol Tri-ED* was designed with unique height, width and interval of its rings at different number on the surface. The distribution rings of all surface makes the optic fully pupil independent. 

Optimum Light Distrubition

Light is distributed by 44% far, 28% intermediate and 28% near six mm aperture pupil size in Reviol Tri-ED*. Balanced light distribution provides increased contrast sensitivity even at mesopic light condition.

The success of optical performance in multifocal intraocular lenses relies on determining optimum diffraction efficiency as a percentage of light into diffraction orders. Unique diffractive zones of Reviol Tri-ED* split light through focal path without compromising of light loss directed to outside of far and near foci.

Appropriate Disparity

Reviol Tri-ED* is combined with of 3.0D near addition and 1.5D intermediate addition for creating three phase difference which is revolutionary. Adequate and appropriate disparity selected in Reviol Tri-ED* between near and intermediate focus excludes overlapping problems and creates sharp vision at all distances. 

Diffraction efficiency is directly correlated with imaging characteristics and overall image performance of a multifocal optic. Focal overlapping between light centralization in different  points plays a negative role in image quality and photopic phenomena. The detached focal zones of Reviol Tri-ED* optic design have been optimized according to test results of geometrical model. 

Enhanced Visual Acuity for All Distances

Clinical finding presents that Reviol Tri-ED* has present significant improvements in UDVA, UIVA and UNVA. Superior intermediate visual acuities were seen in binocular defocus curve in comparison with bi-focal multifocal IOLs.

Post-operative refractive outcomes were within the range of -0.75 to +0.25 diopter. No severe glare/halo problems have been reported. All contrast sensitivity results were at the range of 3-12 spatial frequencies measurements and 92% of patients reported spectacle independence in the questionnary form.

Advanced Vision of Aspheric Design

Ultra Definition optic design corrects spherical aberrations coming from both cornea and IOL. However, Reviol Tri-ED* IOLs have a slight negative asphericity, which maintains part of the positive aberration of the cornea, helping patient to keep better depth of focus.


Advantage of Ultra Definition Design

  • Improved contrast under low light condition
  • Preserved depth of focus
  • Less sensitive to decentration

Real PCO Barrier

The innovative edge design tends to greatly reduces PCO risk by making a geometric and mechanical barrier against cells proliferation. The edge design produces thinner lenses for equivalent power than other competitors.

Exceptional Design

All Square 360° enhance edge and premium material form a dual barrier against the risk of posterior capsule opacification after implantation. Recent studies have shown than square edge on posterior surface of the optic is the most important Iol related factor against PCO formation.

Clear Vision

Abbe Number of Reviol Tri-ED* is 58, one of the highest numbers in the IOL market, measured by independent laboratory8. Superior chromatic aberration control in Reviol Tri-ED*.

The Importance of Abbe Number

Chromatic aberration is type of distortion in optical system formed by different wavelengths of light to have different focal points. The higher the Abbe number is the lower the chromatic dispersion is8.

Not available in German market