Acriva<sup>UD</sup> UD 613
Intraocular Lenses / Monofocal

AcrivaUD UD 613

  • Monofocal
  • Clear
  • Modified C
  • 13 mm


Real PCO Barrier

The innovative edge design tends to greatly reduce PCO risk by forming a geometric and mechanical barrier against cells proliferation. The edge design produces thinner lenses for equivalent power than competitors.


Exceptional Design

All Square 360° enhance edge and premium material form a dual barrier against the risk of posterior capsule opacification after implantation. Recent studies have shown that square edge on posterior surface of the optic is the most important IOL-related factor against PCO formation. 

Advanced Vision of Aspheric Design

Ultra Definition optic design corrects spherical aberrations coming from both cornea and IOL. However, AcrivaUD IOLs have a slight negative asphericity, which maintains part of the positive aberration of the cornea, helping patient to keep better depth of focus.

Advantage of Ultra Definition Design

  • Improved contrast sensitivity under low light condition

  • Preserved depth of focus

  • Less sensitive to decentration

Best of Both Worlds!

Excellent material combination of 2-Oxiethylmethacrylate and 2-Hydroxymethacrylate monomers creates hydrophobic surface behavior with the advantage of hydrophilic flexibility.

Proven Hydrophobic Surface Behavior

AcrivaUD has similar contact angle measurements similar to pure hydrophobic IOLs. An independent comparative study showed that the hydrophobic surface of AcrivaUD is similar to that of pure hydrophobic competitors.

Benefits of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Monomers

    • No glistening

    • Limited PCO

    • High biocompatibility

    • Low inflammatory response

    • No calcification

    • Easy to fold and inject

    • MICS capability

    • Quickly unfolding in the eye

      Better Flexibility

      The elastic co-polymer of AcrivaUD has precise memory. Point Spread Function (PSF) shows that the optic quickly recovers its initial shape within one hour, much quicker than hydrophobic IOLs.

      Complete Solution

      AcrivaUD has a full range of diopters from -20.00D to +45.00D, in 0.50D increments.

      Special production is from -20.00D to 0.0D and from +32.00D to +45.00D in 0.50D increments.
      Abbe Number of AcrivaUD is 58, one of the highest numbers in the IOL market, measured by independent laboratory. Superior chromatic aberration control in all AcrivaUD lines.

      The Importance of Abbe Number

      Chromatic aberration is type of distortion in optical system formed by different wavelengths of light to have different focal points. The higher the Abbe number is the lower the chromatic dispersion is.