Education & Learning

Our educational approach for new employees to recognize our organizational structure and the way we do business.


Orientation is made for new employees to recognize our organizational structure, to see department structures, employees and working methods and to adopt the way we do business. Orientation trainings are organized for each employee depending on their level in a comprehensive or semi-comprehensive manner in order to provide information about the product and production features of our company. White collar personnel are given a welcome kit. In addition to corporate gifts, this kit includes detailed information about our company’s values, company practices, principles, management and personnel in the Employee and Ethics Handbook. The e-mail spelling guide contains rules to be observed in e-mails. The Social Media Standards Handbook contains information about the organization’s representation on social media, confidentiality elements, and compliance of notifications as employees. In this way, it is aimed for the employee to adapt to the work and the business as soon as possible.

Technical Training

Technical trainings are organized at regular intervals, special trainings are given in the areas where our products are used and in our focus area (for example: eye anatomy, basic and advanced product trainings). General trainings are also provided according to requests from departments or employees (for example: basic and advanced excel training)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Training

Occupational Health and Safety is important for us. Therefore every new employee is trained on this subject. Thus, we aim to protect the safety of both our employees and work areas.