Learn how we stand for Orientation, Career Planning, Corporate Performance Management (CPM), and Motivation.


Orientation Training is organized for every new employee. Within the scope of the orientation, it is aimed that the employee who starts the work recognizes the organizational structure, has information about the departments and their functioning, social rights and responsibilities, and obtains information about the business conditions. By informing about production and products, our competitive stance in our niche business area is transferred to our new employees.

Career planning

Depending on the strategic goals of the company, individual targets and action steps are determined on the basis of departments. Each target has a weight determined by the executive committee. Evaluations are made with department managers according to the realization of action steps on a monthly basis. If necessary, employees are supported with trainings and their competencies and competences are strengthened. The premium system is implemented in line with the company and department targets. According to the opinions of the executives, the candidates who will have vertical or horizontal career planning are determined. The main criteria in the determination process is that at least two years of seniority and report results should be at least 80 points. The development of the employees involved in career planning is supported by trainings and participates in the activities related to the competencies of the next position.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate Performance Management is carried out through the scorecards of the institutions and departments. Balanced Scorecard system is used to measure department target steps and employee target steps depending on the main targets in the scorecards. Target scorecards are created based on the company’s main strategies. Each action step for the employee is agreed upon with the senior manager. The weight of the action steps is determined in line with the weight of the strategic objectives.

Motivation and Internal Communication

We carry out studies and projects in order to provide a more peaceful work environment for our employees, to improve their motivation and to establish a relationship based on effective communication. With the Employee Satisfaction Surveys, we see feedback on business and working environment, brand perception, and managerial approaches and see our improvement areas; we determine our map based on the results. We listen to our employees and give importance to their suggestions. We celebrate our employees’ official, religious holidays and other special days with various organizations. We come together in many organizations that we organize in-house, such as meetings called “Together” and training panels. We include the news of the month in the internal communication bulletin that we regularly publish and we ensure that all our employees reach current developments about the company. We all know the value of being together and we create an environment in which all employees mix with celebrations, events and publications.