Enova® is Available Now in C Haptic Model

VSY Biotechnology announces the launch of the Enova® C Haptic Model IOL. Enova® is the first and only 100% Glistening-Free, Dry-Packed hydrophobic acrylic IOL. Moreover, no warming or special conditioning is required before surgery!

VSY Biotechnology Launches Enova® 100% Glistening-Free Hydrophobic Acrylic IOL in C Haptic Model. The unique composition of Enova® material allows uniform hydration of specific sites to have controlled water uptake and resistance to glistening formation. Glistening study was performed at the Intermountain Ocular Research Center (Mamalis/Werner Laboratory), John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah and the unique composition of Enova® hydrophobic acrylic IOL shows Zero Glistening and Zero Haze compared with other IOLs1.

Enova® is packaged dry and has excellent optical and mechanical properties. Having a Tg -2°C, Enova® IOL has gentle and controlled unfolding process below standard operating room temperatures. Thus, no warming or special conditioning is required. Low glass transition temperature (Tg -2°C) combined with its optimized modulus of elasticity, provides a high level of flexibility and controlled unfolding.


  1. Glistening Analysis in Enova Hydrophobic Acrylic Intraocular Lenses / In-vitro Study Evaluating the Tendency of Different Intraocular Lenses to Form Intraoptical Glistenings by the University of Utah.