VSY Biotechnology GmbH signs agreement with WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD. on Intraocular Lens Products

Leinfelden – Echterdingen, Germany March 19, 2021, ­ VSY Biotechnology GmbH, an innovation-driven company with its progressive R&D activities in ophthalmology, visco supplementation in orthopedy and medical esthetics, announced today an agreement with WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. (hereinafter refer to “WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL“) to provide new treatments for cataract surgeries in Japan. The agreement includes a licensing arrangement with WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL to develop and launch intraocular lenses (IOLs) in Japan.

“We’re very excited to work with WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL with our IOLs we have developed to inspire surgeons to have smooth and successful surgeries and people who have cataract to see and live better” said Fatih Ergin, CEO, VSY Biotechnology.

“This in-licensing of IOLs will be an entry into a new field called “medical device” for us, and we hope that we can make further contributions to patients in need of treatment by means other than pharmaceuticals.” said Norihisa Kojima, President & COO WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL.

About intraocular lens (IOL):

In the human eyeball, the organ corresponding to the “lens” responsible for focusing in the case of a camera is called “crystalline lens”. Although the crystalline lens is initially transparent, cataract is a disease in which general visual function such as visual acuity deteriorates due to its opacity by aging, complications of other diseases, and trauma. There is no effective medication for cataract. It is common to recover the visual function by surgically removing the opacified crystalline lens and replacing it with an IOL made of resin.

About VSY Biotechnology GMBH

VSY Biotechnology GmbH is an innovation-driven company with its progressive R&D activities in ophthalmology, orthopedics, aesthetics, and biotechnology drugs. VSY Biotechnology focuses on developing, designing, and manufacturing superior state-of-the-art products to serve doctors, patients, and consumers beyond their expectations.


WAKAMOTO PHARMACEUTICAL (Head office: Tokyo, President & COO: Norihisa Kojima) started as a pioneering company for self-medication with the launch of a nutrient-rich, gastrointestinal remedy, “WAKAMOTO” medicine in 1929. They manufacture and sell OTC products and food supplements using their unique Lactobacillus, various kinds of ethical drugs in ophthalmology.