We are Glad to Announce VSY Biotechnology 
Ophthalmology Star Awards (OSA) 2021 Winners

This year’s “Ophthalmology Star Awards” is announced at 
VSY Biotechnology Satellite Symposium at ESCRS 2021

Three ophthalmologists are awarded ranked upon their scientific work:

First place winner: Dr. Magdalena Renner 
Clinical Study Title: Cell Types of the Human Retina and Its Organoids at Single-Cell Resolution.

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Second place winner: Dr. Farhad Hafezi 
Clinical Study Title: Individualized Corneal Cross-linking With Riboflavin and UV-A in Ultrathin Corneas: The Sub400 Protocol.

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Third place winner: Dr. Arvind Kumar Morya 
Clinical Study Title: Evaluating the Viability of a Smartphone-Based Annotation Tool for Faster and Accurate Image Labelling for Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Retinopathy.

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We congratulate all the OSA2021 winners! 
Thank you all for your interest in Ophthalmology Star Awards!