Prof. Dr. Ike Ahmed who uses the latest technologies in the field of ophthalmology and is followed by the world in this regard, implanted the Acriva Trinova Pro C Pupil Adaptive®, an intraocular lens developed by VSY Biotechnology to meet today’s need in the field.

Dr. Ahmed successfully implanted the Acriva Trinova Pro C Pupil Adaptive®, which improves the quality of life by maximizing the quality of vision at all distances and in all possible light conditions, and offers a “Golden Ratio” vision experience without the need for spectacles. He shared his comments on his experience and factors he was impressed by while implanting the IOL.

“It’s very nice that the the Acriva Trinova Pro C Pupil Adaptive® is unfolded safely and smoothly in the patient's eye. When examining the lens under the microscope, it is impossible not to admire its soft sinusoidal rings. At the end of the implantation, the centralization of the lens was very good. I am very happy to have implanted the state-of-art the Acriva Trinova Pro C”