At VSY Biotechnology, we believe that customized approaches achieve the best outcomes for patients andhealthcare professionals. The same is true for our people. That’s the reason why we are taking diversity as our priority

We provide opportunities and benefits for our people that are as unique as they are. We are always keen on creating opportunities that enable our people to bring in their talents, innovations and different perspectives to VSY Biotechnology and achieve their bests on behalf of patients and healthcare professionals.

Over 300 people are working together across the globe, from Europe to Asia, from Latin America to Africa. Diversity is vitally important to us. At VSY Biotechnology, we think that each person is equally important for VSY Biotechnology culture.

54% Women in Management

We want to see a society where everyone is treated equally as we set ambitious goals to increase our workplace gender and multicultural diversity. In line with this purpose, we never tolarate any form of discrimination based on gender, race, age, skin colour, nationality, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, background, physical or mental disability, or on any other grounds.

By focusing on achieving gender balance in management, Women currently make up 54% of our management.

We are working for a constant workplace where each of our employee can contribute and reflect their potential. By embracing diversity we can enrich every inspiration and decision at VSY Biotechnology and bring our purpose -inspiring people- to live.

More than just a job. It’s who we are.

Our people inspire other people.

A high priority at VSY Biotechnology

Diversity is a high priority at VSY Biotechnology. In order to leverage diversity as an engine of

Ensuring fair employment practices

VSY Biotechnology is an equal opportunity employer.